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The HP must acknowledge that they have considered all the available evidence when formulating their advice. 1.15.24 If GPs, consultants and doctors request proof of consent they should be reminded of the GMCs advice. It must be the claimant who attends any consultation. Having a mental health problem can be expensive. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge . 1.3.5 The following referrals will be sent to APs: claims made under Special Rules for End of Life (SREL), claims that are being reviewed and where a DWP CM is unable to make a decision without input from a HP, for example. Ask if you can make an audio recording of the assessment. You can state your needs here with regards to your debilitating condition. Helps you take control of your household spending. Where the claim has been made by a third party, the HP should contact the third party, rather than the claimant as the claimant may not be aware of their prognosis. A companion should be in the room for an examination only if both the claimant and the HP agree. 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Does medication affect PIP value? The PIP medical assessment with questions on mental health is an assessment that evaluates your capability of doing daily activities depending on your physical or mental condition. PIP eligibility. PIP telephone assessment | Page 2 | Mental Health Forum Unanswered threads Talk with people who know what it's like! Discussion and questions: The Health Professional will ask you questions about how your health affects your everyday life. 1.9.1 Entitlement to PIP is dependent on the functional effects of a health condition or impairment having been determined as likely to have been present at the required level for at least 3 months and being expected to last for at least a further 9 months. The CM will re-examine the facts of the case, the law and any other issues which applied when the decision was made. The professional will then send it to DWP to check if you are eligible for the benefits. What benefits are available for mental health carers? Simply use the buttons below to share on your social network. If capacity has been lost then the expectation is that the claimant would be accompanied. What benefits are available for mental health carers? PIP assessment questions on mental health, find it difficult to do regular tasks or get around because of a physical or mental illness which you can make a claim whether you get help or support from another person or not, have found these things challenging for 3 months and expect it to remain for another 9 months, typically be living in England, Scotland or Wales when you register, have lived and stayed in England, Scotland or Wales for at least 2 years, unless youre a refugee or an immediate family member of a refugee. HPs should be mindful that young people are encouraged to be positive about their health condition or impairment and to focus on what they can do, rather than what they cannot. When advising on descriptors and justifying advice, the HP should consider the functional effects of the claimants health on the majority of days. 1.6.26 For some conditions different time periods will need to be considered, such as the potential impact of different times of the day. The HP should also include details of any alterations to medication which have occurred since the questionnaire or supporting evidence was supplied. contacting the claimant by telephone for further information. The appointment set for you is usually in a span of 7 days away. PIP Question 6. . Instead, and only if a consultation is deemed necessary, the AP must send the invite to the appointee only. DWP statistics show that 81 per cent of new claims and 88 per cent of those moving across from Disability Living Allowance are recorded as having one of . As it is probable that the peripheral neuropathy was due to diabetes he did not have to fulfil the 3 month qualifying period for either component as it would be considered he was suffering from substantially the same condition. For example, is the level of functional impairment claimed in one activity compatible with that claimed in another? daily living intended to act as a contribution to the extra costs disabled people face in their day to day lives that do not relate to mobility; and. 1.6.42 Clinical findings from a musculoskeletal examination should be recorded in plain English, for example able to place hands at the back of the head, able to reach above the head to help the CM understand the details of the examination. Nine months later both lower limbs were amputated following a road traffic accident and he applied for PIP again. In such cases it will be essential to get an accurate account from the companion. 1.6.46 If the claimant is unaccompanied at a consultation, the HP should consider whether a chaperone would be appropriate during any examination. The DWP will use evidence from the. This is to ensure the safety and privacy of staff and other claimants. The PIP medical assessment consists of several parts and will last on average, 60 minutes: Discussion and questions: The Health Professional will ask you questions about how your health affects your everyday life. 1.6.32 The HP should be making informal observations and evaluating any functional limitations described by the claimant from the start of the consultation. 1.8.17 In some health conditions, the level of disability varies over time. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. However, this should be avoided wherever possible. 1.8.16 When a third party provides evidence for example, a carer or health professional the HP should evaluate the strength of the opinion being expressed. Any new evidence about how your condition affects your daily life, which you have not already sent to the DWP: A copy of your PIP claim form with you. The HP should indicate where any harmful information is contained in an assessment report, for example: the claimant is not aware of their condition and the PA X contains harmful information in supporting evidence or Part X of the GP factual report dated XXXX contains harmful information. Failure to provide this may result in the advice being returned for clarification or rework. When weighing up the evidence, it is important to highlight any contradictions and any evidence that does not sufficiently reflect the claimants health condition or impairment or the effect on their daily life. This publication is available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/personal-independence-payment-assessment-guide-for-assessment-providers/pip-assessment-guide-part-1-the-assessment-process. 1.13.3 Supplementary advice may also be requested for a reconsideration where the claimant challenges a decision made about entitlement to PIP, or for the early revision of a decision as part of the appeals process. You can be eligible for the PIP benefits if you are aged 16 and your State Pension age. The HP should explore how long it takes the claimant to carry out a task and whether they experience any symptoms such as pain, fatigue or anxiety, either during or after the activity. 1.6.36 When considering mental health medication HPs should remember that not all claimants with a mental health condition will be on medication or receiving therapy. In some cases this might be a support worker or therapist rather than the GP. Award rates for all claims (excluding withdrawn cases) between April 2013 and January 2021 show that: 42% receive an award for normal rules new . Feb 3, 2021. However, the companions may play an active role in helping claimants answer questions where the claimant or HP wishes them to do so. He was awarded the daily living component and mobility component at the standard rates. Procedures to follow and sources of support and guidance should be covered in HP training. 1.15.29 Further information relating to the claim may be required and, due to the tight timescales involved in processing such claims, contact with the claimants own health professionals may be required. If there is any doubt, the telephone call should be terminated and, if necessary, the claimant or their representative should be contacted using the telephone contact number on file. This companion can be someone who can assist and care for you such as your friend or family member. His diabetes was not well controlled and he had become depressed. The claimant must not be coerced into giving consent when he/she is unwilling to give it and it must be a positive opt-in for example it is inappropriate to say things such as unless you agree to a report from your GP being obtained we cannot advise on your claim. You have accepted additional cookies. HPs should consider whether there is evidence that such an adaptation or adjustment has taken place. This part of the assessment is an opportunity for you to explain your needs face-to-face. 1.6.41 Some examinations for example, of the lower limbs might be carried out with the claimant reclining on an examination couch. At the end of your consultation, the Health Professional will complete an independent report and send it to the DWP. He requires significant support from his carer and his needs are only likely to increase due to the progressive nature of his condition.. 1.7.31 Should an HP identify that a claimant is likely to meet the SREL conditions during a consultation and the claimant is aware of their condition, the HP should treat the case as a SREL referral. If you plan to do so, you should call the assessment centre in advance explaining that you wish to record the assessment they will explain what guidelines you will need to follow. 1.11.3 Where the DWP CM is unable to make a decision and more evidence is required, the case will be sent to the AP to be dealt with as business as usual. If you have a terminal illness the rules about how long youve found things difficult and been living in England, Wales or Scotland for 2 years isnt practised. Any relevant side effects which affect the claimants functionality should be recorded here and an indication of the effectiveness of any treatment provided. The HP should explore any variability or fluctuation in the claimant's condition and functional ability by asking the claimant what they can do on good days and bad days. You will need to contact the assessment provider and request a home assessment. The HP must explain to the claimant that they are going to carry out a functional examination but that it will be different from the clinical examination they might get at their GP's surgery. Functional examinations may cover one or more of: 1.6.38 Before starting a physical examination, the HP must explain the procedure to the claimant, and obtain explicit verbal consent to continue. 1.6.40 The HP will never disturb underwear, never ask the claimant to remove their underwear, and never carry out intimate examinations (breast, rectal, abdominal or genital examinations). He lives in supported accommodation and there has been no change to his functional ability in the last few years. They may also show discrepancies between the reported need and the actual needs of the claimant. Miss B was diagnosed with schizophrenia and fulfilled the PIP criteria for standard rate mobility component. The article then gets reviewed by a more senior editorial member. 1.7.9 The DS1500 gives factual information about the claimants condition, any treatment received and any further treatment planned. When considering such requests, the HP should consider the points outlined above before making a decision on whether a home consultation would be appropriate. Once this has been provided, the HP should call the health professional involved in the claimants care again. You can ask for an adjustment of your appointment date for your PIP assessment with questions on mental health by calling your assessment provider using the contact number in the appointment letter. Informal observations should be recorded in the report, for example: I observed them and they appeared to have no difficulty with; I saw him lean heavily on a walking stick when entering the consulting room. 1.15.2 Consent may be written, verbal and in certain circumstances given by a third party. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. 1.7.25 Should the HP fail to obtain an unequivocal answer to whether the claimant is terminally ill or their prognosis, their advice to the CM must be founded on the balance of medical probability, which should if possible be evidence based. A review is not likely to be considered necessary., no review required The claimant has motor neurone disease with high levels of functional impairment in the daily living and mobility activities. | Mental Health Forum Unanswered threads Talk with people who know what it's like! Please contact the DWP on 0800 121 4433 or textphone 0800 121 4493. For example, He finds buttons difficult and tends to wear clothes that can be pulled over his head; manages to feed herself but needs to have meat cut up for her. Physical and psychological or mental examination: If obligated, and with your consent, these health professionals will administer a short physical and mental function examination. 1.7.13 In SREL claims, HPs are required to advise on: whether they consider, on balance, the claimant is or is not terminally ill under the prescribed definition. 1.11.1 From 27 June 2016, claimants who are due to have their award reviewed will be sent a new form (AR1) for completion which will be returned to the DWP. The DWP and HPs will be expected to verify that this is the case. In these cases, it may be particularly important to distinguish between what a young person can or could do for themselves and what the parent does for them as part of their caring role. this is a walk through of what happened in my recent telephone pip ( personal independent payment) assessment review and what questions been asked and how . The HP should note in the report that they have explained the procedure to the claimant and obtained their consent to proceed. The information gathered forms part of the suite of evidence and should be included in the assessment report provided to the DWP and referenced in their advice. A vulnerable claimant is defined as someone who has difficulty in dealing with procedural demands at the time when they need to access a service .This includes life events and personal circumstances such as a previous suicide attempt, domestic violence, abuse, or bereavement. They should also provide advice on the mobility component based on the evidence received with the referral and/or gathered at the consultation. You need to relate your answer to how it speaks to your concern. This will also indicate the assessment centre that you will be assigned to take your PIP assessment with questions on mental health. 1.5.6 For cases where there is marked inconsistency, the claimed level of disability is unexpected based on the available evidence, or it has not been possible to gain sufficient further evidence, a consultation will be required. 1.8.11 All evidence must be interpreted and evaluated using medical reasoning, considering the circumstances of the case and the expected impact on the claimants daily living and/or mobility. You are found capable if you did the following movements and other activities: The health professional will place their observations in your form and then place some reviews about your results in your examinations. You can also answer yes if you meet one of the following conditions: Here is another sample PIP assessment question on mental health: Do you need help from another person, guide dog or specialist aid to get to a location that is unfamiliar to you?YesNoSometimes. You may be required to send medical proof of why you need to take the PIP assessment with questions on mental health in your home. This is why you should always renew your PIP form to make sure that it corresponds well to how you are coping with your mental health condition. You will be declared capable of doing something if you can do it: If you have better and worse days, make sure you explain this to the assessor.

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